Research Service (Hourly-Rate)


The CCHA provides two types of research service. The first, which is described at Fixed-Fee Research Service, is a very limited and focused genealogical and historical research service for which a fixed fee is charged. This fixed-fee service is limited to those questions that can be answered by consulting a specific reference or set of records.

The second type of research, which is covered on this page, is much broader in scope, and an hourly fee is charged. If you are in doubt as to which research service is appropriate for your query, please contact the CCHA Research Coordinator.

The charge for the more-comprehensive research is $25 per hour, with a one-hour minimum. CCHA members receive a 10% discount. This service includes a written report, copying of materials as is necessary to give a complete response to the inquiry (including deeds, wills, court records, and photographs), and mailing the findings to the requester. Where copyright restrictions prevent copying the material, the available information will be summarized in pertinent part and provided in the written report. A requester may also request an oral report, with or without accompanying documentation. This option would reduce the cost of the project.

A $25 deposit is required to initiate a research project. Payment in full must be received by the CCHA before any research results are released. You may pay by cash (only in person at the Richmond-Miles History Museum in Yanceyville, North Carolina) check, money order, credit card, or through PayPal. The requester may, after consulting with the CCHA Research Coordinator, place a limit on the number of hours to be devoted to a project. However, the satisfaction guarantee described below does not apply to projects upon which the requester has placed a time limitation.

Satisfaction Guarantee. If the requester is dissatisfied for any reason with the hourly-rate research service provided by the CCHA (except as noted above), the fee will be refunded (less any copying and mailing costs incurred). However, all materials (including written reports, photographs, and copies) must be returned to the CCHA at the requester's expense, and the requester must certify that no copies have been made of any materials.

To initiate an hourly-based research project contact the CCHA Research Coordinator. Be prepared to provide full details, including names, dates, locations, documents, and anything else the requester believes would assist in defining the parameters of the research project. You must provide your full name, mailing address, telephone number, and email address. Requests also may be submitted by U. S. Mail to: CCHA Research Coordinator, Caswell County Historical Association, P.O. Box 278, Yanceyville, N.C. 27379. Mailed requests must include a telephone number and, if applicable, an email address. Send no payment until so instructed by the CCHA Research Coordinator.

The CCHA reserves the right to decline any request for research service.

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