Research Service (Fixed-Fee)


The CCHA provides two types of research service. The first, which is described on this page, is a very limited and focused genealogical and historical research service for which a fixed fee is charged. This service is limited to those questions that can be answered by consulting a specific reference or set of records. See the lists below for examples of the research that can and cannot be conducted.

The second type of research is much broader in scope, and an hourly fee is charged. For information on this more comprehensive research service go to Research Service (Hourly-Rate). If you are in doubt as to which research service is appropriate for your query, please contact the CCHA Research Coordinator.

Under the limited research program described on this page the CCHA accepts requests limited to one name, one record, or one event. Set forth below is a list of the reference materials and records that the CCHA currently is prepared to search.

The charge for each query is $20 ($15 for CCHA members). This includes limited copying (no more than five pages) and mailing the findings to the requester (United States only). Overseas requests require separate arrangements and the requester must contact the CCHA Research Coordinator before submitting a request. Note that records copied from the Burch Blaylock Collection may incur additional copying charges levied by the Caswell County Register of Deeds.

If a requester asks, for example, if a family surname is listed in The Heritage of Caswell County North Carolina, and the CCHA researcher does indeed find the surname, the CCHA researcher will not just answer in the affirmative with nothing more being provided. A positive response will include a copy of the relevant pages. The same applies to other reference materials, such as deed, will, and marriage bond abstract books, subject, however, to copyright restrictions. Where copyright restrictions prevent copying the material, the available information will be summarized in pertinent part and provided in written form.

However, if the answer to the query is in the negative, the requester will be so informed, and the query will be closed. All CCHA researchers will seek clarification of a query before proceeding if the query is unclear or obviously is beyond the scope of the limited service described on this page. It may be that the requester needs to use the more comprehensive hourly service described at Research Service (Hourly-Rate). Every effort will be made to make sure that the requester does not waste money and that the CCHA researcher does not waste time.

Satisfaction Guarantee. If the requester is dissatisfied for any reason with the fixed-fee research service provided by the CCHA, the fee will be refunded (less any copying and mailing costs incurred).

The CCHA reserves the right to decline any request for research service.

To submit a request fill out the Request Form. Make sure to provide an email address and telephone number so that the CCHA researcher can contact you. The CCHA researcher will let you know if the request is understood and accepted, at which time payment will be required. You may pay by cash (only in person at the Richmond-Miles History Museum in Yanceyville, North Carolina) check, money order, credit card, or through PayPal. Send no payment until so instructed by the CCHA Research Coordinator.

Appropriate Requests

Set forth below are examples of APPROPRIATE requests

Inappropriate Requests

Set forth below are examples of INAPPROPRIATE requests

References and Records the CCHA Will Search

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